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William F. Lovelady is the author of The Adventures of Johnny Saturday. He has a Bachelors & Masters Degree in Engineering, and enjoys integrating creativity with childhood imagination. He continues to enjoy a successful twenty-two year engineering career in the aerospace industry as well as hobbies of golf and exercise. He and his wife Lynn live in Alabama with their three children.

Secrets to Success

What I have learned over my 55 years on this earth is the key to success is following through on your commitments.

If you truly want to achieve something, you will commit; so once you do commit please follow thru.

I will caveat, however, to never let your dreams and commitments take priority over your family and faith. It is a balance you must recognize.

There may be times when stress enters the equation, but that is just a little fear trying to stop you from reaching your dreams.

I want to share a blog I wrote many years ago, but I believe it still holds true.

Forgotten Adventures – Take Caution as you enter the Attic

Last weekend, I undertook a home de-clutter project with my teenage girls as some indoor preparation for the coming Spring season. We parsed through the attic all afternoon over dust covered items awaiting twenty (20) years for our long forgotten rediscoverey. We came across items that reminded us of earlier memories from an different era in time – middle school sports objects, high school yearbooks, and family vacation photos. That afternoon’s activity reminded me of Johnny Saturday’s discovery in his attic – this old black leather journal. A journal, that is, that propells Johnny on adventures beyond his imigation – travelling through time while encountering a variety of challenges while making new relationships.

Some people say that life is a journey. I say life is an adventure!

An adventure, that you don’t not want to ignore with meaningless distractions. An adventure that is both purposeful and challenging, where you and only you will create.

With your adventure comes many by-products such as wealth, relationships, and health. Each one of these by-products contribute to your legacy. Leveraging each, you will choose to pass along leassons learned, wisdom, emotional support, needed financial assistance, and a personal example that may influence anothers life in a way that is immeasurable.

As you travel through the years in time and begin to look back at those events, memories, and objects, I hope you smile and experience true joy in your heart. Not for the succcesses or failures, but more so those you have positively influenced while successfully negotiated the hills, the valleys, and detours along the way.

Now, continue on and … Be Adventureous!

Bullies no more…

‪Our Children spend many of their early years with local teachers and principals. My request is that our educators always ensure our children are in a productive, not destructive, environment. Please stop Bullies…‬

To our Children

Our goal is to raise you to a point of adulthood. Should you choose to leave, I ask that you not maintain status quo, but have courage and transcend beyond our life’s capabilities…

W F Lovelady‬


For me it is long over due. LifeCheck involves a few questions you ask yourself.  So, question to self…

  1. How’s your faith?
  2. How’s your  health?
  3. How’s your relationships?
  4. How’s your finances?
  5. How’s your life accomplishments and adventures?  

So take some time to reflect and check in on your life. After all, it is the most important thing you have ….

Listen up Dreamers…

Okay dreamers! If an elder stares you in the face, pauses deliberately and then says: “Be careful what you wish for.”  You should listen as they likely speak from experience.

Years later…

After you have successfully accomplished your dreams, look back. You will realize that you earned it through a lot of hard work… 

So, whatcha waiting for 🙂

W F Lovelady 

Growing up…

As my children grow beyond the comfort of my home, I find peace in witnessing their innocent joy radiating relentlessly as they pursue their dreams…

How to Raise First Class Athletes

First class athletes are not raised by first class trainers, but more so by humble fathers committed, dedicated, and passionate to encourage them from day one…

Happy Place. What’s yours?   

Today, mine is a private view of the clear blue afternoon sky while listening to some soft country music from my friends just a few miles north in Nashville…

It’s your Adventure…

Whatever your age or phase of life, always do your best.  Then…

As you prepare for life’s next chapter, simply look back, ponder briefly, and say to yourself.  “I did my part. I made a difference, and it was crazy fun!” 

Then smile, face forward and turn the page …

W F Lovelady