Now think twice before you begin a new project…

I recently shared a excerpt from my second book “The Adventures of Johnny Saturday: Back to the Drawing Board”.

To my daughter Sarah, who is making her final commitment to an up coming race later this year…

“This may not be true for you, but for me, starting a new project is very difficult. The hardest part is actually starting the project itself. For me, it’s all about commitment. I know that if I start a project, I must finish it, so I must be absolutely certain before I begin. Johnny Saturday is very similar. Johnny fells a sense of commitment to his adventures, just as he has a sense that the magic journal is real. Johnny knows that the hardest part of starting an adventure is just that, starting it. He knows that once he sets off on a adventure , he must complete it. Otherwise, he might be trapped inside the adventure forever!”

Good Luck Sarah!

About wflovelady

William F. Lovelady is the author of The Adventures of Johnny Saturday. He has a Bachelors & Masters Degree in Engineering, and enjoys integrating creativity with childhood imagination. He continues to enjoy a successful twenty-two year engineering career in the aerospace industry as well as hobbies of golf and exercise. He and his wife Lynn live in Alabama with their three children. View all posts by wflovelady

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